CDL Modules
CDL modules

This repository contains a number of open source CDL modules (either Apache or BSD licensed) that may be freely reused in any project.


The purpose of this repository is to provide freely available modules for both teaching and implementation; the repository includes regression suites for most of the designs, which permits some confidence in the solidity of the design.

A second purpose of the repository is to provide for a corpus of open source hardware modules written in CDL, to enable a new version of CDL to be designed; this new version will include use of a hardware IR (intermediate representation) language that permits targeting and optimization for a number of backends (simulation, verification, FPGA, silicon, emulation, and so on).

Module structure

The modules are grouped into separate directories based on function.

Documentation progress

Currently documented: apb, csrs, input_devices, utils, led

To do: storage, microcomputers, cpus, serial